Paradise Ridge Equestrian Centre
                 We are blessed to be a blessing!!
This is Phoenix aka "Princess P".  She is 16 hh, Belgian/TB cross mare and she will be 19 this year.  This is one of my personal horses but she has recently demonstrated that she has the ability to be a very quiet beginner lesson horse.  Proving once again that she is even more amazing than even I had imagined.  Oh I do love my girl!!
Phoenix loves to jump and she seems to love participating and performing in our local musical ride drill team.  She also enjoys dressage and often times will memorize the tests on her own!
If she could speak, she would tell you that she is a "super star" and I have to agree!!
Update:  Unfortunately Phoenix has been diagnosed with ring bone after having the vet out and taking 7 x-rays and therefore she has entered into an early semi-retirement with light riding only.  She can still do occasional walk lessons (which she seems to LOVE) but she is officially retired from the riding that she and I used to do. she's just a pampered semi-retired Princess, simply enjoying life.......she deserves it!!



Pepper - 9 year old, 14.3 hh, registered paint mare.  Registered name:  Shesa Dbl Bar Express9
I purchased Pepper around the beginning of May 2013 and she's turning out to be a great little mare!!  She's very versatile, VERY friendly, very curious and not really the spooky type.  Pepper is very social and enjoys meeting new horses, new people, new dogs, etc.  She LOVES trail riding and I think would go for days!  She also likes to play a fun game on the trail's her own game and she does it on her own but it's too lengthy to explain but if you're curious, I'll tell you about's super cute!!
Austin, my grandson, riding Pepper.

The new addition, Ritz!  He's a 7 year old, 15.2 dark bay, gelding, registered TB.  His registered name is Dutch Striker.  Ritz was born in Kentucky and was on the race circuit throughout the states since he was 2.  He raced for 4 years and retired in April 2012, sound and sane!  
Ritz was purchased for me and he will be my next riding and hopefully competitive mount......we shall see!